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Helios Wellness

Woodside, California

Welcome to Helios Wellness

Helios Wellness is a full service mental health sanctuary based in Woodside California, in the center of Silicon Valley. We offer psychiatric services, ranging from medication management, to traditional psychotherapy to psychedelic psychotherapy. Clients of Helios Wellness also have special access to a range of special wellness offerings including lifestyle coaching, naturopathic consultation, somatic therapies and more.

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Helios offers a range of both traditional and non-traditional psychiatric services including medication management, psychotherapy and psychedelic psychotherapy. To learn more visit


Naturopathy + Lifestyle

Helios Wellness offers a range of options for individuals looking to improve upon existing treatment. From Natural Mental Health, to lifestyle coaching, somatic therapies and more, we invite to explore our options:


Psychedelic Psychotherapy

Dr. Jennifer Dore and her providers are experienced in psychedelic psychotherapy, a progressive mental health intervention that is now widely accepted an effective means to combat treatment resistant depression and anxiety


Groups at Helios

Groups at Helios provide individuals an opportunity to experience inter-subjectivity and to apply insights and new approaches in a safe and accepting space. Every group at Helios is led by a trained expert.



“We want Helios Wellness to be a place where every part of you can heal: mind, body and spirit.”

-Dr. Jennifer Dore, MD / Founder, Chief Medical Officer