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Helios Wellness

Woodside, California

A Natural Approach to Mental Wellbeing


At Helios Wellness we are excited to introduce a new, progressive option to support your current treatment: Natural Mental Health. Our experience teaches us that for many patients, the body is where some of our deepest anxieties, depression and trauma lie in wait. Through an array of natural tools, from lifestyle modification, to nutritional adjustment, to somatic and massage therapy, we hope to deepen your self understanding and make traditional therapy more effective. We invite you to explore our options:

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Natural Mental Health

Helios offers complete naturopathic evaluations and ongoing consultation to support your current mental health treatment goals. During the intake, Dr. Mark Shortt will take you through an immersive evaluation of lifestyle, diet, hormonal and stress levels and treatment responses. From there, Dr. Shortt will recommend a program to help you progress and improve your mental and physical health.


Lifestyle Coaching and Augmentation

Psychotherapy and Medication Management are incredible tools in the treatment of the mental illness. At times, however, these treatments can be inhibited by dietary and lifestyle choices that might go undetected. Helios offers a complete lifestyle consultation and inventory to help augment current treatments and improve patient outcomes.


Dr. Shortt utilizes nutrition, therapeutic supplementation, botanical medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation, biofeedback, neurofeedback, and lifestyle counseling to facilitate the body's innate healing processes. His approach centers around prevention, identifying and removing the root causes of illness, and addressing individual needs to determine a plan for optimal health and wellness.


At Helios Wellness, we’re focused on improving the efficacy of mental health treatment

Helios Wellness offers supporting therapies to enhance patient treatment and improve outcomes. We welcome both our professional colleagues and prospective patients to explore…

Helios was founded in 2014 by Jennifer Dore, MD, a Stanford-trained psychiatrist with experience treating severe mental illness using a variety of traditional and progressive therapies. Dr. Dore and her team understand well that every patient journey includes a number of “crossroads”, moments when the patient and the provider can benefit from a new set of eyes. Helios Wellness offers a range of treatment options that provide a holistic look at lifestyle, nutrition, neural and biofeedback measures to help patients and their providers evaluate where to go next.


Dr. Mark Shortt, ND

Director of Naturopathy

Dr. Mark Shortt received his Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. He has additional certifications in biofeedback, advanced physical medicine, ketamine assisted psychotherapy and neural injection therapy. He employs a  blend of naturopathic and conventional medicine to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to patient care, specializing in pain management and holistic approaches to mental and emotional health.


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Helios Psychiatry

Helios Psychiatry offers a range of both traditional and non-traditional psychiatric services including medication management, psychotherapy and psychedelic psychotherapy. To learn more visit