Somatic Therapies

Helios Wellness is excited to welcome Somatic Psychotherapist, Kendra Bloom as our latest Therapist-in-Residence. With a masters in Somatic Psychology and Gender Studies, Kendra has worked in private practice, as well as taught groups and training workshops for individuals, couples and practitioners for the past five years in Seattle, Washington. Kendra has also supported the development of a national chronic pain project called Back in Control, by Dr. David Hanscom, helping people go pain free from chronic physical and emotional pain utilizing non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical interventions, such as neural reprogramming. 


Somatic Therapy

Somatic Therapy is an integrative approach that combines traditional psychotherapy with modern neuroscience and physical therapies. The body and mind are are intimately and inseparably connected through our nervous system, senses, and lived experience. Addressing the neurobiological system directly becomes an innovative tool for behavior change. 

Rather than talking about something, we can experience something. For example, rather than just talking about your desire to be more relaxed, you can have the experience of being relaxed and then return to it out of session.

This modality can be particularly useful for adults and children dealing with anxiety, stressful or shifting life circumstances, trauma and PTSD, emotion regulation, behavior change, depression, grief/loss, relational challenges, and health issues.

Price: $250/hr

Couples Somatic Therapy

An interesting twist of the human experience is that those closest to us—partners, lovers, family—are able to trigger us the deepest. Somatic couples therapy will help give you tools to manage these triggers when they arise, tune in to your and your loved ones nervous system to increase the positive attachment, and offer ways to understand and get out of repetitive cycles of conflict.

Price: $250/hr

Adjunctive Somatic Integration for Psychedelic Psychotherapy

The human body routinely moves through natural contractions and expansions—from our largest muscles down to the smallest cells. Often when we have a big expansion, like when doing psychedelic assisted therapy or making changes with new medications or lifestyle habits, it can be struggle to maintain harmony along the mind-body axis.

Adjunctive Somatic Integration supports the system for a gentler transition and sustainable transformation.

Price: $300/hr



New Somatic Therapy Patients

All new patients are required to sign the Somatic Therapy Consent Form. Click the link below:


Bodywork @ Helios 

Our bodies communicate profoundly through movement and posture. Bodywork when performed by an expert, is a therapeutic dialogue with the body like no other.   Our therapist-in-residence, Karina Hoog. is a certified CMT specializing in Asian therapies and body alignment.  

Karina's techniques help drive systematic pain release and to jump start the body's own healing energies.  Her focus includes myofascial-release, a full array of circulatory system work, acupressure, stress release and regular massage. Sessions include mentoring with breathing technique and body alignment.  A well balanced, pliable body is its own preventative medicine, allowing you to stay healthy and pain free.   It is also an incredibly foundation on which to begin substantive work on body and mind. 


Provider: Karina Hoog, Therapist-in-Residence

Helios clients receive exclusive access to our therapists-in-residence. We are pleased to welcome longtime friend of Helios and massage and myofascial expert, Karina Hoog.

  • Immersive bodywork and natural pain management

  • Exclusive to Helios Wellness clients