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find the calmness within you. Meditation is a millennia old practice that is scientifically proven to improve brain function, increase neural connections and produce precious "gray" matter in the brain.  A regular practice has been shown to help curb stress, improve focus and even enhance professional and athletic performance. 

Deceptively simple, meditation is an art of relaxation, concentration, and expansion.  The paradoxical balance of clearing the mind, without falling asleep, zoning out, or engaging in mind-chatter is one that humans have been working to master for ages.  

At Helios, we believe in teaching meditation through technique and practice.  Sessions include discussion, introduction and investigation of concepts in the discipline designed to improve your practice, as well as guided walking and seated meditations.  

the instructor: Blair Dore is a certified meditation instructor focused on the ancient practice of Hong-Sau mantra-based meditation brought to America in the early 20th Century by Paramhansa Yogananda.  Intimately familiar with the pressures and stresses of life in the Bay Area, Blair brings a calm, grounded approach to teaching this ancient practice with a persistent optimism and belief in its potential to transform lives for the better.  As an avid hatha yoga practitioner, Blair brings knowledge and understanding of a breadth of Eastern practices and philosophies that help bring additional depth and color to the technique.  

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Personalized Instruction: Guided Meditation and Practice

Personalized instruction is available for individuals and small groups wishing to learn or deepen their meditation practice.   In each session, Blair will introduce a new element of the practice with a focus on technique and discussion. Great for families (minimum age of 13), corporate teams, couples or individuals.  Blair is also available for at home or in office training, including corporate off-sites and events.  Pricing and Scheduling Options Available Upon Request.  Please submit your inquiry below using our confidential form or simply email us at :

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