Wellness Offerings

Helios Wellness is a progressive mental health facility serving the Bay Area and beyond. From traditional psychotherapy and medication management, to groundbreaking psychedelic psychotherapy and natural mental health offerings, Helios is prepared to shape a treatment course suitable for a range of needs, stages, and goals. Browse our offerings below:


Naturopathy and Natural Mental Health Consultation

Provider: Dr. Mark Shortt

In this 1.5 hour appointment you will receive a full naturopathic work-up including nutrition and lifestyle evaluation, biofeedback, neurofeedback. This immersive evaluation of lifestyle, diet, hormonal and stress levels and treatment responses will guide a recommended program of action to help you progress and improve your mental and physical health.

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Natural Mental Health Counseling

Provider: Dr. Mark Shortt

After a 1.5 hour intake appointment, including a full naturopathic work-up involving lifestyle evaluation, biofeedback, neurofeedback, patients of Dr. Shortt will receive on-going natural mental health counseling, nutrition and supplement recommendations and lifestyle guidance. Each 50 minute session involves clinical and consultative services as well as lifestyle coaching.


Massage at Helios

Provider: Karina Hoog, Therapist-in-Residence

Helios clients receive exclusive access to our therapists-in-residence. We are pleased to welcome longtime friend of Helios and massage and myofascial expert, Karina Hoog.

  • Immersive massage and natural pain management

  • Exclusive to Helios Wellness clients


Helios Immersive Programs

Providers: Dr. Jennifer Dore, Dr. Meredith Bergman, Shannon Dwyer NP, Dr. Mark Shortt

Helios’s immersive programs are designed for patients looking to initiate, re-start or reinvigorate their mental health treatment. Each patient will be assigned a lead provider to help shape a 1-2 week immersive program that includes:

  • Complete Psychiatric and Naturopathic work-ups, including medical, nutritional, fitness and psychotherapeutic evaluations

  • Bio and neurofeedback

  • Psychotherapy and Psychedelic psychotherapy intensive sessions

  • Treatment recommendations and plan

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Lifestyle Coaching and Augmentation

Providers: Dr. Jennifer Dore, Dr. Mark Shortt

Helios’s treatment augmentation offerings range from individual naturopathic consultations, to immersive psychedelic psychotherapy plans. Our goal is to help individuals and their providers chart new paths in their treatment relationships by offering alternative approaches designed to supplement and enhance existing treatments.

For more information on Groups at Helios Wellness email us at groups@helioswellness.co

Offerings in Psychiatry and Medication Management

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Helios Psychiatry offers a range of both traditional and non-traditional psychiatric services including medication management, psychotherapy and psychedelic psychotherapy.

+Psychotherapy and Medication Management

+GeneSight Genetic Testing

+Psychedelic Psychotherapy


Email us at info@helioswellness.co