Bodywork @ Helios 

Our bodies communicate profoundly through movement and posture. Bodywork when performed by an expert, is a therapeutic dialogue with the body like no other.   Our therapist-in-residence, Karina Hoog. is a certified CMT specializing in Asian therapies and body alignment.  

Karina's techniques help drive systematic pain release and to jump start the body's own healing energies.  Her focus includes myofascial-release, a full array of circulatory system work, acupressure, stress release and regular massage. Sessions include mentoring with breathing technique and body alignment.  A well balanced, pliable body is its own preventative medicine, allowing you to stay healthy and pain free.   It is also an incredibly foundation on which to begin substantive work on body and mind. 

*no gratuity is requested

Please Note: This scheduler is only to be used on location at Helios